The Most Trending Eye Wears Suiting All Facial Shapes

When it comes to buying new sunglasses, the first thing to decide is the frame. Having the coolest shade or frame style is one thing, but figuring out the style that suits your face shape, is completely the other. It is the most difficult part. We all have a staple pair which we keep in heavy rotation but this time you have to decide how to make it look statement-making and at the same time very refreshing. Make a decision led by your style compass and choose the frame that will compliment it.

Here are the most trending sunglasses which will suit any facial shape.


As covering half of your face with sunglasses has become a trend, not many people are seen wearing glasses of the small frame. 2016 can never be complete without the addition of over-sized sunglasses to your important accessories. Be it double-rimmed aviators or bug eyes, clear frames or colored, people are loving making them a part of their essentials.

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Aviators can never go out of style. The style was famous only amongst men earlier, but now women are also often seen donning on these. It is one of those frame styles that sets off your killer features. Try gray shade aviators with the same colored outfit to give an interesting look. Marble frames, clear lenses, ombre shades are also totally in.

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2017 brings with it this chic and darling sunglasses look, complete with roundness in the former and rather feline in the latter areas. Round-framed glasses were the style of 80’s, but 2017 has bought it back mixing it with the cat-eye look. Add in fringes and dark lip shade to give a more intriguing look.

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Bug eyes are going to be one of the top eyewear trends to look out for. This style looks the coolest with darkest shades and dual colors. Wear matching bug eyes shades and outfit to complete the look.

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The sun won’t be around as much as we supposed this fall, so that might be the reason dark shades has given up its traction somewhat. But no need to be downhearted as here comes clear lenses as a replacement. They are also playing it cool and looks delightful whether there is a slight gradient darkening at the top or fully clear. The nerdy look is also astounding, playing on animalistic approach. They give your whole look a compliment if you get fringes.

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These lenses keep appearing season after season. Ombre lenses are a great amusement for those who like mixing both dark and light shades and thus coming up with something colorful. Classic ombre, double-rimmed and colorful rainbows shades with some attractive designs looks amazing on every outfit.

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If you want 2017 to begin with some adventure, go for embellished rims sunglasses. Embellished rims offer an adventurous and hot girly look. It does not have to have too much, just a touch of some cool additions over cat-eyes, over-sized and rounded lenses. It could be clear lenses or dark shade.

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These are one of the few, really fun looking sunglasses type. The futuristic eyewear design that we often see on the runways, shows off various colors, shapes and overlapping lenses with the rims and a slight cat-eye for added effects. The multiple shades and patterns give a very appealing look.

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The style looks rather intriguing when worn over formal attires or tucked in shirts. These frames are translucent coming in different colors and patterns, clearly showing off your other side as well. Add loveliness to your style this season with a rather retro twist.

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Choose your favorite sunglasses this fall.

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