Simple Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Big eyes look fresh, youthful and healthy. Unfortunately, many people are not blessed with them and it is where makeup tricks help. To make your eyes look beautiful and sparkling all day, follow these simple makeup tricks. These will also make them look big and bright.

1. Curl The Lashes

Lifting the lashes instantly makes your eyes appear bigger and wider. Flip them upwards, using a curler to let others see your whole eye area. In case your lashes are straight, cast a shadow on the eye area to widen your eyes.

2. Hide Dark Circles

Dark circles detract even from the big eyes, making them appear smaller than they really are. Use an illuminating concealer to hide them. A shade slightly warmer and lighter than the foundation will work.

3. Apply Mascara

Mascara is like a magic wand that opens up your eyes. Apply it to your upper and lower lashes to create wide eyes and provide a frame to them.

4. Apply False Lashes

You can make your eyes appear wider, by applying natural false eyelashes also. In case you have hooded eyes, false lashes are especially effective as they bring your eyes out from under the brow bone visually.

5. Define The Brows

Your eyebrows affect the way your eyes look. Defining the eyebrows, frames up your entire eye area, eventually creating big eyes. You can define the brows by cleaning them with a concealer and concealer brush. Then take a small, flat eyeshadow brush and a powder highlighter, and apply it underneath the eyebrow arch and the brow bone.

6. Make The Inner Corner Of Your Eyes Shine

Adding shimmer to the inner corner of the eyes catches light. It tends to give a larger appearance of the eyes, thus making them appear more open and wide awake.

7. Line The Inner Rim Of The Lower Lid With White Liner

Applying white liner to the waterline gives an illusion that the whites of your eyes extend farther. These simple tricks can be followed to make your eyes appear big naturally.

Try these simple hacks and bring attention to your eyes this winter.

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