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Self love-The Magic Of Falling In Love With Your Own Self

There are many books that will tell you that you are ok. You are good.But no you are not good. You are far far better than good. You are magnificent. You are stunning. You are unique in your own way. No one else can play your part better than you.

We all have been raised by our parents to put others first, to compromise for others, to be happy in others happiness but what about us?Who are we?  Where does our happiness lie? What makes us happy? These questions remain unanswered. We were raised in a way that we simply ignore all this. In a society where we are taught to compromise for the sake of others, loving yourself may sound very selfish. Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish it just makes you indestructible. There’s a famous saying,” Don’t trust a man who offers  you a piece of cloth when he himself  is not wearing one.” In the same way, you can not fall in love with anyone else before you do it with yourself.

There were few people who told me that they find me so inspiring and it looks like to them as if nothing affects me as much as it does to others. But let me tell you one thing I wasn’t born this way, actually no one is. You have got to work on yourself. One in every 3 people has gone through a depression phase. You may fall several times in your life but despite all the hard times, have confidence in yourself, lift yourself up and bring the best in you.

Like food is to our body, self-love is to our soul.It keeps us going even through all the hard times we go through. For all those who have experienced it, knows the magic of falling in love with your own self.

Give yourself Time and know Yourself

Reschedule your time and take some time for yourself. During that time, just think about yourself. Give yourself some time to know yourself.

Prioritize yourself and Pamper Yourself

Learn to prioritize yourself. In your life you keep on putting people above you. Stop doing that and prioritize yourself . Take some time to pamper yourself.

Go with the flow

Accept the fact that you can’t control everything. No matter how harder you try, somethings are just meant to happen anyways.So there’s no point in sticking to it and getting sad about it.

Find happiness within you

Stop finding happiness outside.You won’t get it. Because it actually, lies within you. No person other than you can keep you happy.

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Give up your need to impress everyone

You wore the dress that you are not comfortable in, just to impress any of your colleagues. Don’t do that. You don’t need to impress everyone and you can’t impress everyone. Just be true and real you and the right ones will stay.

Don’t be hard on yourself

You scored 85 when you were expecting 95. It’s ok. Not everyone can score the highest marks. Just think you did pretty well and appreciate yourself for the good work. Don’t expect too much from yourself. Expect less and go easy on yourself.

You are perfect in your imperfections

If someone pinpoints any of your flaws and make you feel bad about it then remember no one in this whole whole is perfect and not even the person who is pinpointing your flaw. Just accept your imperfections and be confident about yourself.

Start Spending time with the right people

The key to be happy and positive is to remove all those people who bring negativity in your life. Start spending time with the people who always encourage you to be happy in every situation, who brings the best out of you

You have just got one life. How do you wanna spend it? Apologising? Regretting? questioning? Hating? Dieting? complaining? Running behind people who doesn’ want you? Obviously, your answer would be,”No”.  Be brave. Believe in yourself. Take risk. Forget and forgive.Embrace yourself, despite your flaws and rejections.

It is important to make someone happy, so why not start with yourself?

Think about it.

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