Pick Any Feather Color And We’ll Tell You About Your Personality

Everybody has their own favourite colour and they often want to buy something in that colour. it reflects on one’s personal style. Did you know that your favourite colour actually depicts your personality.? Okay, so there is a little game for you which will tell you what kind of personality are you. All you got to do is select a coloured feather!

Follow these steps one by one:

  • Let your mind be still and select a colour.
  • Look at the curves and the bends of each feather.
  • Pick the one which you like and draws the most attention.
  • See the result

Alphawoman1) Yellow Feather


If you choose this then you prefer enjoying all your experiences, learning and sharing these experiences with others. You always feel the need to express and you carry a charisma which makes people believe in your cheerful intelligence. You are the sunshine in every sense of the word.

2) Red Feather


A passionate and self-motivated person who lives life to the fullest. Your courage and passion will lead you to a successful life with good fortune. Your personality is vivacious attracts other people, and will take you to new great heights.

3) Purple Feather

You are very adaptive in nature. Your spiritual side is the one which makes you love and learn but often isolates you. That maybe because you are still learning.

However, people who love you will always support you.

4) Orange Feather

You are a creative and an imaginative person. Your personality is strong and flamboyant makes everybody want to love you. You are optimistic and an extrovert, so you all the good things rolled in on the pack!

5) Blue Feather

If you choose this, then your personality is reliable and sensitive. You are someone who will never ask anyone to do their job! You achieve all your goals and feel that stability is very important for you. You are very thoughtful of others and always make an effort to help them. Calmness and serenity radiate from within you!

6) Green Feather

Those who love this color are often affectionate, loyal and frank. Your enthusiasm always makes you want to achieve new heights in your work. You don’t like sitting idle and you rather like to handle multiple projects. Health will always be a non-negotiable issue for you and your love for health keeps you fit!

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