The Perfect Boyfriend For Each Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac signs have the power to rule your behavior and persona. It is very important to keep them mind while choosing your life partner. One should not underestimate the power of their influence on our personalities, values, goals, and passions.

Finding true love is not easy. And it is even more difficult to fall in today’s times, where you are stuck with reality and real life problems.

Find out your most compatible zodiac sign and your least!

Aries Woman (March 21 -April 19)

A fierce and confident woman, who does not like to be held down to things. They love to do everything by themselves, they learn from their mistakes and make their own mistakes. Self-learners, independent and bold an Aries woman challenges her own capabilities.

Date (Cancer)

Cancer men are social and charming. They have an approachable personality, the world seems to get under their charm. They fall in love with this bold strong personality of an Aries woman. They are made for each other.

Don’t Date (Leo)

Leos are far too dominant and controlling for Aries girls. Compromising and settling scores is difficult for both of them because they both want to take charge and no one bends. So it would be very difficult for them to be together and even if it works for a little while, their egos will eventually break them up.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus loves comfort. They like to have the best of both worlds, security and be spoilt. Tauren woman is very committed and they fully commit to their partners in a relationship. They are driven by loyalty.

Date (Taurus)

They fit perfect with each other. When they find each other, they act like soulmates and have an instant liking for each other! They understand each other without even saying a word.

Don’t Date (Leo)

They are power oriented and too dominant, unlike Taurus. They like to keep their foot down at all times which becomes difficult sometimes. Taurean woman feels the need of being a special person in their partner’s life.

Gemini(May 21 – June 20)

Geminis are hopeless romantics. They believe in true love and enjoy watching romantic comedies. Gemini women are very caring and loving. They are also social and can fit in any kind of culture. It is very easy for them to make new friends.

Date (Cancer)

Cancer looks for a steady relationship and Gemini looks for the same. They both need someone they can count on. They look out for each other and cancer remembers that romance is the way to win her.

Don’t Date (Scorpio)

Scorpios are too emotional for Gemini woman, the woman wants stability and security and that kinda gets the Scorpion guy mad. Because it calls for a lot of attention and they don’t like it.

Cancer Woman (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer women want to find people who think alike. They want to share their passions and thoughts with their close ones. Cancer women are very intelligent and because of that a bit emotional as well. They have a great sense of humor and they are always the stars of the conversation.

Date ( Libra )

The Libra men are stable and confident. They are also great communicators and talk through all kinds of misunderstanding and problems. Libras are also intelligent and that’s why they match best with Cancer women – they can have long interesting discussions over important topics.

Don’t (Scorpio )

Scorpio men are too fiery and intense for Cancer women. Both signs can get easily jealous, which is not a great mix. Scorpios tend to get too dominant, but Cancer does not like to be told how to act or think, they need their independence.

Leo Woman (July 23 – August 22)

Leos are confident and they have quite the ego. They like to be adored and appreciated. But when they find true love, they are totally committed and loyal to their partner. They are not willing to give up easily or walk away when things get sour.

Date (Scorpio)

Both signs are very powerful and dominant, but if you put them together, they somehow work. When they love each other, they respect each other as well, which means that they listen to their partner and do not try to decide things for them.

Don’t (Aquarius )

Aquarius is too soft and sweet for the Leo women. Leo women want to be with a powerful man, but Aquarius is not the one to stand up for himself and fight back. When these two would be in a relationship, the Leo woman would be bored very fast.

Virgo Woman (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo women like to spend time by themselves and are not very social. They have a lot of interesting ideas and they are very creative, but it is hard to get to open up. It is very hard to understand her and to see the real her, but when she finally opens herself up, she is yours for good. Virgos are very loyal and will stay by your side through thick and thin.

Date (Capricorn)

Capricorn men will have the patience to give her time to open up. They won’t also give up easily. They even like the fact that Virgos are a bit secretive and hard to read at first, it feels like a challenge to them.

Don’t Date (Cancer)

Cancer men are too emotional and impatient to wait for her to open up. They do not like the mysterious side of the Virgos. Both signs are quite sensitive, which means a lot of arguing and fighting.

Libra Woman (September 23 – October 22)

Libra women are very self-aware and they know exactly what they want. Libras are also very determined and they are not willing to give up before they get the results they desire. They will only settle for the best of the best. They are also social and get along with others very well.

Date: Leo

When they get past their egos, these signs are the perfect match. They will love each other passionately and stay loyal. Both are ambitious and they can motivate and support each other to get to their goals.

Don’t date: Pisces

Pisces men are too sensitive and emotional. Libras want someone, who is determined and strong-minded next to them. Libra is again too honest and straightforward for Pisces man.

Scorpio Woman (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio women are very hard to deal with. They are very demanding, powerful and emotional. Scorpios tend to get jealous easily and they are very out-going. It is hard to keep up with their pace, but once you do, you have a partner for life.

Date: Leo

Both are very passionate and dominant and this actually gives them the energy to keep going. They are both independent and drive for success and having the same goals means not standing in the way of each other, but supporting and cheering for the other one.

Don’t date: Gemini

Gemini men are too romantic and humble for the fiery Scorpio. Scorpios need someone, who can stand up for themselves and be an equivalent partner.

Sagittarius Woman (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius women are fearless. They need adventure and freedom in their life and avoid any kind of drama. Sagittarius needs to follow their heart and do what is best for them, otherwise, they will never be happy.

Date: Aries

Both signs are social butterflies and they share the need for excitement and adventure. Together they help each other to grow and teach each other the important things in life. Aries men are fun-loving and easy-going and they like to avoid drama as Sagittarius women do.

Don’t date: Taurus

Taurus men are not willing to quit their 9-5 job and go on an adventure with Aries girls. Taurus need stability, while Aries is looking for excitement. They have different values and goals, which makes it nearly impossible for them to date.

Capricorn Woman (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn women are very determined and goal-oriented, but they are also fun and humorous. Because of their patient mind, they are great at problem-solving and finding solutions. They can always look at the bigger picture and not focus on the details.

Date: Pisces

These two signs follow the rule that opposites attract. At first, it might not seem like a perfect match, they are actually great for each other. The Capricorn women help to make the Pisces men feel secure and safe in a relationship. They are both willing to commit with their whole hearts.

Don’t date: Aries

Aries men are too carefree and childish for Capricorn women. They need logical thinking and responsibility, but Aries want to have fun and excitement in their lives. When Capricorn are busy focusing on their career and future, Aries is busy planning their next adventure.

Aquarius (January 20 – Feb 19)

Aquarius women are very creative and they are always looking for new ways to improve. They think outside the box and do not follow the mainstream. Although they are very outgoing and social, it is sometimes hard for them to show real emotions and be totally honest with someone. Aquarius women value their freedom and independence and they are not interested in being tied down.

Date: Gemini

Both are free spirits and they appreciate each other a lot. The passion between them can turn very fiery and their sex life makes others jealous. The Gemini guys also have a way around the Aquarius girls, which means they can make them commit without feeling too tied down. 

Don’t date: Scorpio

The Scorpio men are too demanding and controlling for the free spirits like Aquarius. They want different things in life and cannot make it work. When Scorpio want security and stability, then Aquarius want the exact opposite.


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