Most Wearable Winter Fashion Trends!

Winter is coming and now its the time to dig into the closet and take out favorite over-sized sweats. 80’s and 90’s trends never go out of style and it’s relieving to know that the fashion is back on the streets. From celebrities to ordinary women, all are confidently spotting the outfits. Here are some most wearable fashion trends that one can try on this winter.

1. Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are your every cold-weather toppers. But this season has brought with it different styles that allows you to try puffers in various vibrant colors, interesting cuts and designs along with your favorite denims.


2. Fur coat

Take a more goddess-like feel this winters with fur coats. Fur coats look stylish and lady-like and they also keeps you warm. Team it up with your favorite pair of leggings and boots to complete the chic look.


3. Logo sweats

Apart from denims, high-slit gowns and crop tops, there’s another trend from the past decade that is back on the fashion streets. These over-sized sweatshirts are the best option if you want to look cool and attractive at the same time.


4. Patent trench coats

Patent trench coats not only keep you warm, but stylish too. The shiny bottom of coat is versatile, and a bit more dramatic. You can team it up with sheer leggings and stilettos to look celebrity-like.


5. Turtlenecks under dress

Don’t pack away from your summer dresses this winters. Instead, layer them with a turtleneck. This style may seem a bit awkward at first, but many fashion bloggers are trying it on and it is proving to be really adorable.


6. Shearling jacket

Jackets made of sheepskin gained popularity a long time ago because of the warmth it provides. Though, shearling jackets tend to be costlier than your normal leather jackets, they more than makeup for their difference with increased durability and warmth.


7. Flares

This season, take a break from your skinny jeans and leggings and try 80’s flares instead. These retro denim jeans adds length to your legs if worn over high heels. Women with heavy hips or thighs can try wider flares or bell-bottoms.


8. Chunky knits

Every other girl or fashion blogger owns at least one chunky knit. These are one of cold-weather-favorite clothes. These knits keeps you both warm and stylish during the weather. You can wear them at home, office or parties along with a stylish google.


9. Long-line blazers

This time you can upgrade your wardrobe with long-line blazers that are every women’s favorite. If you have a short height, you can wear them to work and make yourself look a bit more leaner and taller. You can also try them with chinos and heels to complete the casual look.


The above styles will help you enhance your look this season.

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