Hollywood’s 10 Hottest Celebrities Who Are A Tomboy By Heart

She is cut apart from the regular hip-hop girls, she is a little butch, she likes fighting like boys getting her knees and elbows scraped, she is not the average girly-girl, she is a tomboy! A tomboy prefers male gang over any girly gang. She is not shy to reveal her true personality, and she does not dress to impress others, but herself. Bollywood might have a love-hate kind of relationship with tomboys, but it seems like Hollywood loves them. We have seen many Hollywood movies where actresses have played a tomboy role, and are a gamine in real life as well.

This list is all about actresses who are a secret tomboy at heart:

1. Kristen Stewart

Kristen is one of those few actresses who have the guts to trade stilettos with converse sneakers. The Twilight fame actor prefers keeping it casual with her all-time favorite tattered T-shirt and baseball cap. She can not stand her peers who are too concerned with their looks glamor and loves keeping it simple.


2. Cara Delevingne

Cara has already developed a killer sense of style both on the streets and on the red carpet. She is often spotted wearing no-makeup look and a comfortable hoodie. Her wild child-like appearance proves that she can clean up very nicely what she wants.


3. Gwen Stefani

Gwen once defined her style as ‘casual and tomboy mashed up with old-Hollywood glamor’. The 42-year old singer often manages to amaze the fashion police with her flawless yet boyish sense of fashion. She is often spotted in a comfy tank top and sweats.


4. Mila Kunis

The sexiest Hollywood actress always tries to hide her inner tomboy. As a kid, she used to climb the tallest trees with the neighborhood boys and realized that she was a girl only when she first started liking boys. Until then, it was all about messing around with her brother.


5. Jessica Biel

Jessica once admitted that she loves doing action scenes and they aren’t scary to her, as she has never been particularly girly. The actress is a real tomboy at heart. She loves wearing the most comfortable outfit. She has always been a sporty kind of person and never really into make-up. She once said,”I’ve always been a tomboy.”


6. Emma Stone

Emma Stone very well carries the cute tomboy took. She once said “It’s still cold out and I’m in New York, so my coat serves as my handbag. I just put all my stuff in my pockets and it’s uncomfortably warm.” The actress is often spotted on the streets in a dark pair of skinnies and a loose sweatshirt. Her looks are always preppy with a tomboy twist.


7. Ellen Page

Ellen’s sense of style still brings out the tomboy in her from years ago. The actress is widely known for her tomboy chic fashion sense. A loose shirt over a T-shirt, with a baseball cap and denim, is Ellen’s style. The 27-year old actress defines herself as ‘total tomboy’. At 15 years of age, Ellen became a very competitive soccer player and was teased for being a tomboy, but she played it cool and continued wearing tomboy clothes.


8. Ellen Degeneres

Earlier, it was too hard to buy tomboy clothes as all the women clothes were too girly. Ellen, the Oprah of lesbian culture is now taking over the fashion. She has launched her own fashion line, complete with button-downs and gender-neutral pea-coats cut for smaller forms.


9. Fergie

The singer, songwriter, and actor is cut-apart from the regular girls. She loves hitting the roads with her favorite pair of jeans and sneaks. Although she got married and became a mommy, the singer still maintains her glam image on carpets, and hard tomboy looks on the streets.


10. Avril Lavigne

When Avril burst the music industry with ‘Complicated’, she had a signature look. A loosely-fastened tie over the tank top became a fashion statement and many celebrities followed it. She also brought camouflage to many styles, proving tomboy was her thing.


Are you a tomboy too?

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