Habits That Could Make Or Break Your Relationship

Meeting someone and falling in love is the best thing that could happen to anybody. But, to make that relationship last, both partners need to work on a lot of things. Many people know how to handle every situation they might face, but if you are one of those who is seeking help, here is an advice that might assist you.

Apart from having mutual respect, trust, and wonderful sex life with your partner, it is also important that you know how to cook.  It might be a shocking point, but cooking can keep you together or tear you apart.

According to a recent survey sponsored by Calphalon and conducted by Light Speed GMI, 1,000 U.S. adults were asked how they think cooking influences relationship. It turns out, people place much importance on cooking than on any other. 87% of them believed that cooking can influence relationship, and they also put very high importance to communication.


They believed that cooking together is a great way to foster communication. That is, the key to cooking together is communicating.

Cooking is one of the things people do to strengthen their relationship, no matter in which stage you are. They believed that this sentiment is true. Be it 88% of those in a serious relationship, 94% of those who are engaged, 89% of those recently married, and 84% who have been married for a while.

According to them, cooking for your partner, or cooking at home is also a way to show how much you love them. 92% of the respondents believed that home-cooked meals help connect people, and according to 78% of them, cooking together means staying together.


On the other hand, eating separately from your partner signifies that you two are no longer a team and that might also result in conflicts, ultimately leading to a broken relationship. So, cooking and eating together improves communication level between couples and brings them closer.

So keep chatting while you cook!

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