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Why Femininity Is Not A Negative Trait?

One is not born a feminist. There is no such incident where the clouds parted and feminist ghosts arrived to invite people to their club. Feminism is something people come across at the later stages of their lives when they start knowing things. When people realize that feminism emboldens all the qualities they already value as a girl, they know they have become a feminist.

As children, we did not know that we are being differentiated. Right when babies are born, there is a difference in the level of happiness of parents and society. We did not know that when a boy is born, there is much more enthusiasm than when a girl is born.

We used to believe that we could be anything we want. Be it a superhero, a politician, an astronaut, or anything. But the worst came at the time we hit puberty. People around us who once applauded for our boldness and confidence now started pointing out. They now had a problem with our boldness and with the pitch in our voice when we talk or laugh.

‘Girls like you are the reason why women are disrespected.’ This was what we were used to hearing. Even single mothers were often discouraged and judged for their shallow behavior. Keeping a positive outlook was not enough to deal with this problem.


This was the time when femininity hit us. We realized that it doesn’t matter what people say about you. What mattered was whether you get affected or not. We no longer feel crap about being called a slut or a prude. Because feminists refuse to settle for cultural norms.

Feminism does not mean that you hate men, or think that men are evil or rapists. But so much has happened in the past that has compelled women to take hard steps against men. This made men think that feminism is bad. But feminism just means that you believe people should have equal places in society regardless of their gender.

Some feminists may be misandrists and that’s why people have started taking the word feminism as a dirty word.

Feminism is now taken as a dirty word. Instead of embracing the label, people are now ashamed of being called a feminist. Feminists are often assumed as angry and harsh people. Lack of familiarity and knowledge about the difference between feminists and feminazis have made people think that all are the same.


Feminism is a beautiful thing that helps countless people every day, thus making the world a better place. At its core, feminism is about equality. It is a movement based on the belief that everyone – no matter their sex, religion, caste or race –  are free to live their lives free from discrimination. The Goal of feminism is to create a society in which individuals’ genders will not restrict them from an equitable shot at success and happiness.

Being part of a feminist community transforms your life for better. Everyone, be it a woman or a man, needs to understand that a woman can be girly, ambitious, sincere and intelligent at the same time and no one has the right to judge her.

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