Don’t Marry Your Boyfriend If He Does Any Of These Four Things!

The most important thing in a relationship is to have a boyfriend, who is your friend and your companion; everywhere. There has to be mutual admiration, love, and respect for each other.

It is very important for him to respect you because this shows that he appreciates girls! And who doesn’t like to appreciated for their love! These are the 4 signs that scream don’t marry him!

Short temper

It is not necessary that one has to be violent only then will he be hurting you. There is something called verbal outburst which is equally an abuse.

Someone with temperamental issues only escalates things into to all kinds of arguments and then maybe physical. So, if you think the temper is something you can’t work around that’s a sign.

Over Possessiveness

Okay, there is a difference between care and jealousy. A mentally stable person will understand the value of you being socially interactive. He’ll understand that you have your needs and wants too!

If you see him getting jealous of your female friends then he has issues with low self-esteem and confidence.


Why be with someone when he wants to cheat and be with someone else? Well, ‘once a cheater is always a cheater’. Believe in that! Ladies if he has cheated once don’t give him another chance, spare the love for someone better.

If he has ever cheated on his partners in his prior relationships then it’s a sign. Stay away, your feelings might say otherwise but you got to trust yourself for something better.


Anybody who has had addiction problems like Gambling, drugs, sex all can be cured through proper counselling. We do feel a compelling need to SAVE them from the pain and trouble, but no one can save him. Only a guidance counsellor.

He is going to be your future make sure its not dark!


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