Different Eye-Makeups You Should Be Looking For This Year

New Year is near and this thought is probably freaking you out. You have picked up the dress, shoe, and hairstyle, but makeup is also as much important as the rest of them. So distract yourself from all the work and start planning for this New Years’s party makeup.

Winter makeup looks are totally different from the ones that were popular in summer. Unlike the summer looks, it is more simple, vibrant and subtle. Here are some makeup ideas you should try this year.

1. Fiery Lids

The combination of yellow and red is totally in nowadays. It may look extremely bright, but the style is super cool. This New Year’s eve you can give your eyes a cool, copper look with the fiery lids.

2. Soft Bronze Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye makeup is the sexiest look that a girl can carry. This look fits, be it the day time or night time. If you want to do smokey eyes for the day time, you just have to keep the makeup light. Smoldering, smokey eyes offer an air of mysteriousness when the sun is shining.

3. Icy Violet

Icy violet eye makeup looks like a pretty wash of eye colors. It gives your eyes a soft, fresh and feminine departure. For getting the look you have to start by sweeping the purple eye shadow through the lower lash line. Then blend in the teal on the upper lid for an icier wash. Lastly, use the white shade at the corner of your eyes to add some icy touch to your look.

4. Emerald Tinted

Enhance your inner mermaid this year with the emerald-tinted eye makeup. Use the chameleon eye shadow pencils, infused with synthetic sapphire to enhance your natural eye color. The shimmering and glossy greens will give shape to your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.

5. Ombre Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye makeup is very popular among woman these days. It is trendy and looks elegant with brown or coffee color, leaving some disco touch. This year, try ombre smokey eyes with some shimmery touch and make your eyes look graceful. It is very easy to do and goes with almost all types of apparels.

6. Gold Rose & Brown

Rose gold and brown smokey eye makeup put the darkest concentration of the rosy color at the lash line. The color then starts dissipating as it reaches your brow bone like smoke in the air. Rose gold is a bit more delicate than your typical smokey eye.

7. Bright Pink

Bright pink eye shadow can create a lot of illusions. It is one of those weird colors that are in trend, but difficult to wear at the same time. This shade is hard to carry so it is advisable to put a frame in between your eyes and the color with a black pencil.

8. Electric Green

A soft, shimmery green is easier to carry when a touch of yellow is given in the middle of the upper eyelid, as well as on the lower lid. Green hues work the best on brown and hazel eyes.

9. Arabic Eye Makeup

Arabic eye makeups upgrade your looks and give off a very highly fashionable vibe. The style is followed the most because of its vibrant color combinations and dramatic styles. This season you can emphasize your eyes and create a very striking appeal with the Arabic eye makeup.

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These eye makeups can be paired with both Indian and Western attires. Remember to keep your lips nude or light and let your eyes be the center of attraction.

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