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In today’s world where people love playing sports on the computer, physical activities are rare. This has made today’s youth healthy. But of mind not of health. Being physically active is good for health. It maintains your blood sugar level, blood pressure level and lowers the risk of cancer. Even doctors agree that healthy diet and regular exercise is good for health. But are all exercises good for health equally?

Did you know that whether you will live longer or not depends on the exercises and sports you play?

Yes, it is indeed true. According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, not all physical activities have equal impact on your health. Researchers have pinpointed certain physical activities that are linked to your longer life. European and Australian researchers collected the data from more than 80,000 people in England and Scotland. It was done to know about their activity levels between 1994 and 2008.

They were given a questionnaire to fill the type of physical activity they had done and for how long.

When the survey time was finished, it was revealed that less than half of those surveyed met the recommended weekly physical activity quota. This led to the death of about 8,790 people from a variety of causes and 1,909 died from heart disease. But those who maintained a good hygiene and did regular physical activities were fit.


Cycling, swimming, aerobics, tennis, jogging, football were the 6 physical activities popular among the participants.

The researchers concluded that people who engaged in cycling, swimming/aerobics, and racket sports, have the lowest risk of dying.

People who regularly played tennis, badminton or squash, had 47% lower risk of dying than others. Swimmers had 28% lower risk and people doing aerobics showed 27% lower. Among cyclists, the reduction was 15%. While no associations were seen among people doing running, jogging, or playing football. No other sports reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases.

It was surprising to see that runners did not show a lower risk of mortality. Cycling showed a relatively smaller drop in mortality risk. Possibly because many of the people who reported cycling did it recreationally.

Swimming and racquet sports, on the other hand, require an intense level of exercise.

These were the reductions after the scientists adjusted for life-affecting factors like smoking.

According to the researchers at Brown University, cardio exercise was not universally effective. Dr. Simin Liu, a professor of epidemiology and of medicine said, “Even though exercise may benefit most people under most circumstances, it does not mean that the same exercise program or therapy should be prescribed to everyone.”

The Bottom Line is – If a subgroup of people cannot benefit from a particular exercise, other alternatives should be considered. All sports are good. It’s up to the individuals to decide what they like and perform it on a regular basis.

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