Best Eyeliner Styles To Give You A Stunning Look This Winter!

Without the touch of eyeliner, makeup looks incomplete. Women who are used to wearing it can attest that it can completely change the look. It comes in distinctive colors and we know which eyeliner style suits us the best. But every eyeliner style does not fits different face and eye shapes. So it is a must to change the style once in a while.

If you want to standout of the crowd and make your eyes look distinctive, here are some eyeliner tricks that will give you a chic look.

1. Fishtail eyeliner

This style provides beautiful and totally expressive look. It has become very common these days, as it gives a doll-like appearance and totally changes the look. Fishtail eyeliner style is very easy to apply and adds something extra to your simple look.


2. Winged eyeliner

This eyeliner look gives you a sensational dramatic look if applied correctly. Winged style though not easy to apply, but mastering the art does not take much time. It is curved from the center along the lashes and then goes upwards and outwards from the corner of the eyes. Ends can be made thick or thin.


3. Cat eyeliner

From Cara Delevingne, to Hollywood’s hottest actress Mila Kunis, everyone follows cat eyeliner style very often. It is suitable for both big and small eyes and gives them great shape and definition. Start applying it in a straight tilted line at the edges and fill it in order to lift the corners.


4. Retro eyeliner

This vintage look is again in vogue because of the classy and gorgeous look it gives. Every other girl these days is spotted with this eyeliner style. To make it look at its best, you may use thick and shiny liner with vibrant colors and make an awesome combination!


5. 60’s eyeliner

60’s fashion is becoming trendy nowadays and we are realizing how much we love the old fashion! From animal print clothes to 60’s eyeliner style everything is taking its place in the market again. This eyeliner style never gets out of fashion and gives you a unique appearance. To look amazingly different, must fill the space between your lashes and crease.


6. Smudge eyeliner

This style is often used for highlighting purpose. Apply the liner, and then by using a small thin brush highlight your eyes on both sides of upper and lower lashes. You can also use different colors to form layers and give depth to the eyes and make them look big.


7. Flick eyeliner

This is a very popular look seen on celebrities and ordinary girls too. Flick eyeliner is a very easy style and you can apply it yourself. This iconic eyeliner style goes with everything and anything and adds a chic look to your style. The eyeliner flick should go up to where your brows end so do your brows first so you can map out your flicks and make sure they are even.


These 7 eyeliner styles are the most trending and adds on to your chic look!

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