Anam Hashim – The Girl Who Broke Biking Stereotypes…

If you are one of those people who believe that bike riding is something which is only associated with boys, you would be stunned to know that here is a girl who is breaking those conventional views under the wheels of her bike.

Meet Anam Hashim, a 21 years old bike riding fanatic who is capable of1 performing stunts on bikes which even many boys are not able to do. Anam is bragged to be the youngest stunt rider. At the age of 18, she started doing stunts. She was so much fascinated towards bikes that she used to bunk her school and go for stunting. She started performing stunt shows with the local team in Pune on their bikes to earn money to get herself an Apache.

She has ridden 2150km all the way from Jammu to Khardung La top, the world’s highest motorable road on a scooty twice for TVS Motor Company entering in India’s Book of records.

Once Anam said in an interview, “A bike doesn’t know your gender.”


How it all started?

Anam Hashim’s father got her a bike and taught her how to ride. Little did he knew that she would take stunt riding as her profession.

“I always had a passion for two-wheelers and used to go gaga over motorbikes since childhood. During my school days, I used to love watching guys doing biking stunts on roads,” said Anam. She further added, “When I used to watch guys doing wheelies and performing stunts, I used to think why I can’t do this? I began my research and decided to take up this professionally.”

Her stunt riding career started with a stunt-christ- that on an Activa scooty. She was able to pull it off in the first go without a crash. She said, “I was very much thrilled by stunts and I decided to go for it on my Activa. I started with a ‘christ’ and was able to do it in the first go and that’s when I wondered that if I can do it on a non-gear, which is far more difficult than doing it on a motorbike, I can choose this as my career.”


Challenges that she faced…

Belonging from a middle-class family Anam faced many challenges. She had to confront a lot of resistance from the society where bike riding is seen as something that only boys do. Initially, her father who bought her a Honda Stunner wasn’t much excited to hear that she wanted to choose stunt riding as her profession. But she somehow convinced him.

“Everyone told me stunt riding was a male dominated profession and it was quite impossible to convince my parents for stunting. My mother still doesn’t approve of it. But, now when I see myself standing at such great heights, I feel it was all worth it.”


Her achievements

Anam has achieved a lot in such a short span of time. She has scaled to Khardungla Top twice. On her first ride to the highest motorable road on her scooty, she received only technical support. On her second trip to Khardungla, she was accompanied by other 10 girls.

“It was not easy for me to ride to Khardungla. I was not used to such low temperatures and rocky terrains and I had my scooty. Still, the ride was not that rough and I could easily finish it. It was fun at the end of the day,” she said.

She has been stunt riding on bikes for almost 3 years now sustaining from a hell lot of injuries.

Future plans

Anam Hashim plans to perform at International stunt riding championships in the near future. She is currently learning dirt biking and also hopes to contribute to bike riding scene in India. She wants to encourage many other girls like her to opt stunt riding as a career.

The youngest bike rider accepts that it was a tough ride so far, but when she looks back at her journey and achievements, she finds it was all worth it.


Anam is an inspiration to many other girls who have the same desire and passion just like her but are worried about how the society would react to their decision.

Anam Hashim, the one such inspiring woman is determined to change everyone’s perspective.

“A bike doesn’t know your gender. Let the world feel the roar inside you”

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