About us

Alpha Woman – Substance shall speak.

You are a no nonsense girl. You are smart, you are intelligent and you have a loving heart. Yes, you are the one that God created with special care; You are the ALPHA WOMAN.

Alpha woman is the woman who believes in herself. She is the one that others look up to when they are in troubled waters and even when they are looking to celebrate as she is the life of the party. Taking wind from the storm she powers her wagon and hitches it to stars.

We at Alpha Woman are redefining what women have symbolized for a long time. Times change, societies grow and women in turn become more equipped to tame the game. To ensure you stay abreast with the latest buzz in the Biz, Fashion, Health and Culture, we bring to you the hottest and the most trending information. We are your one-stop-solution for anything and everything related to woman. You name and we have it.

Created with a desire to change the dynamics and celebrate what a woman essential-ises, we expertize in the elements which form the essence of a woman. We bring to fore the ideas and information that are relevant to a woman of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Be it a ‘traditionnel’ or a ‘dame moderne’, a working woman, a stay at home mother, a student, an entrepreneur, a retired lady or a kitty mom, we have a special collection for you as there resides an Alpha woman in each one of you.

You are strong, you are unstoppable, you are love, you are joy, you are compassion, you are passion, you are what the world needs right now!

You do not have to prove your worth to anyone as you shine so bright that they mistake you for God’s light!