7 Amazing Tips for Outstanding Makeup

Nobody needs to be a makeup artist to ace doing their own makeup. all one needs to do is use clever tips that will hide the imperfections in your skin and make it appear flawless.

Use concealers of different colors for face contouring

Apply extremely light foundation then the concealer. the foundation gives you an even skin tone and the concealer sharpens your facial features.

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Nose contouring

They are the most prominent feature on your face, you have to get it right. apply dark concealer along the sides and under the tip of your nose and then blend.

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Raise your eyebrows

Eyebrows need symmetry and promotion. outline your brows with a pencil: the bottom of your brow first then the upper segment. Now, fill your eyebrow and don’t forget to use the highlighter. It adds the extra oommmpphh fresh and glowing.

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Expressive eyes

Use a highlighter to make your eyes look glowing & fresh.


How to get the winged eye right

First, draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye to the brow. Then add one more thin line from almost the middle of the eye. Fill in any visible spots with the liner.


Brush my Lash

After applying your mascara, grab a new toothbrush and run it through you clashes from tip to toe. the bristles will get the extra mascara out and even out your lash for you.


Fuller lips

This is the easiest part of having your makeup look fantastic is the lips. Lip color does more than you think. moisturize your lips with a balm, then slightly powder the lip area, get a lip contour and put it on and around your lip line.

Apply a little dark on the outside and lighter on the middle of your lips.



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