6 Most Stylish Handbags To Complete Your Look

Handbags have the power to completely transform your look from drab to fab. They can make you look swanky in a jiffy moment. They are an inseparable part of your outfit. Be it your formals or informal, you need a handbag to carry in all the cases. They are not a mere thing for carrying the essentials for girls but are much seen as an integral part of their outfit.

A stylish handbag completes your look. When it comes to selecting a handbag you need to be very choosy. The type of bag you carry, says a lot about your fashion sense.

Here we have selected some of the most stylish handbags for you:

1. Satchel

Satchels are undoubtedly one of the most trending and fashionable bags this season. These are the handbags with a long strap. They can be worn diagonally at the front or you can just keep them at one side. It is an ideal bag for students going to college or for picnic purpose. These are my personal favorite as they go well with every dress. You can carry things comfortably by adjusting your satchel in a cross manner. Pockets galore and a cross-body option, make this your new travel companion.


2. Hobo

They are typically large in size, created for the purpose of carrying almost all of your essential items. Crescent in shape, hobos have medium length straps. They are made of soft material and come in almost every color making it easier for you to find the most suitable color which will go with almost all of your outfits. For a chic and elegant look, go for the hobo bags. For a simple and elegant look, you can pair a bright colored hobo bag with a monochromatic dress bringing all the eyes to your bag.


3. Totes

Tote in its literal sense means to carry. These are big bags with two handles to carry. They are eco-friendly, as are made of cloth. Until the 1960s, they were used just as a simple handheld bag, when these bags embraced personal style. You can take them for grocery shopping, to the office for carrying files or books to college. There are no interior and exterior pockets in it just a single space to put all your things.


4. Clutches

These are the small handbags and mostly rectangular in shape. Your wardrobe is incomplete without them. You just need one or two clutches of nude shade that goes well with almost all of your dresses. They can carry only a few items. Their name suggests that they can grasp things tightly and act as an essential part of your trip all the time. When in doubt what to carry with your traditional wear, you can go for them. They even go well with western dresses.


5. Wristlets

One may call wristlet, a clutch with a long strap. It is a rectangular and small purse with either a bracelet or leather-looking strap to carry it on one shoulder. They come in many unique patterns and colors making it very fashionable and trendy. Be it a party or shopping, you can carry them anywhere. If you are not that girlish and kind of a tomboy who does not like to carry big handbags, wristlets are an answer for you.


6. Backpacks

Put them in your ‘keep it forever’ option, because they are a forever kind of thing. Backpacks are one of the best bags to carry your laptop, tablet, files or any other item. They can carry heavy loads or any sort of equipment. Backpacks support on your shoulder with double handles which lie across the back.


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