6 Disney Princesses Who Don’t Need A Prince

Did it ever occur to you why in every Disney movie, the princess needs to have a prince in the end? As a child, we all loved watching Disney movies and waited for its classic collections. What the typical feminists didn’t realize at that time is the movie’s adherence to old gender roles. No matter how much we make ourselves believe that the Princesses were independent, somewhere we all accept the fact that in those movies, relationship, and chasing dreams were not mutually exclusive.

The typical plot of a Disney movie tends to involve princess in danger, and a prince who comes to save her. Both instantly fall in love, get married, and lived happily ever after. But there were also some Disney princesses who however did follow the same pattern, but didn’t actually need a Prince for being saved.

Following is the list of 6 Disney princesses who were confident and self-sufficient enough to live without their princes.

1. Merida (Brave)

Merida was one of the most inspirational Disney princess, who taught us that we don’t always need a prince charming to save us. She was the daughter of a King and a skilled archer. She was a total rebel and knew how to voice her opinion. Defying the age-old customs of Scottish clans and their leaders, she was determined to choose her own path in life. While on her journey, she was cursed be a recluse and in the rest of the movie, Merida relies on her own powers and bravery for survival.

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2. Elsa (Frozen)

The unique fact about Frozen is the protagonist Queen Elsa, the ice queen, who had no love interest throughout the movie. This was quite rare for a Disney movie, though. She didn’t need a man to run her kingdom and builds up a beautiful ice castle with her powers. She also keeps her sister Anna from marrying an oaf prince. In the end, when Anna needs a true lover’s kiss for being saved, instead of being rescued by one of the two men she thought might love her, Elsa comes to the rescue. It showed us that it is not always a romantic love that saves you.

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3. Fa Mulan (Mulan)

When Huns invade China, every family was ordered to send one male member from their families to fight in the war. Since there was only one male member of Mulan’s family i.e. her father, who was already injured, Mulan made a choice to serve. She was determined to fight to her death for her family. Mulan knew it would be hard for her to survive the service, so she dressed as a boy. She trained hard and from being the worst soldier, she becomes the best in the army. When the time comes, she saves the lives of not only her people, but the emperor, her family and her captain also.

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4. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is another Disney movie that ended quite differently. She was a free-spirited young woman, saved the life of a man with whom she falls in love, later. The man gets shot trying to save her father, and for the cure, he decides to move to Europe. He invites Pocahontas with him. But instead of following him, she decides to stay with her family and people. It was quite refreshing to see the main characters not ending up together in a Disney movie. She forgoes romance and finds that life is more than just falling in love.

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5. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

One such strong and fiercely independent woman which Disney portrayed, who didn’t need anyone to do things for her was Tiana. Tiana was a passionate woman who wants to open her own restaurant. During her struggle, she meets a prince named Naveen, who was under a curse and turned into a frog. She reluctantly kisses him to help him out, but instead of him turning into a human, she herself turned into a frog. After that, both go on a journey to find a solution. We see a lot of times when Tiana saved Prince Naveen’s life and taught him a few things about survival.

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6. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

One of the feminist princesses who was not even a bit afraid of being herself was Belle. She loathes a misogynist and was quick to kick Gaston the creepy creature out of her door. Belle was intelligent, creative, and emotional and believes in morality. She expected those around her to share her values. When she was kept as a prisoner by a beast, she handled it ably. She saved him from the mob and just when he was about to die in her arms, her love magically saved him. This showed us that Belle didn’t need any rescuing, and was instead always trying to help those around her.

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