5 Fashion Trends From 80s & 90s That Are Back In Style

Bell-bottom jeans, crop tops, leopard print clothes fell out of fashion a few decades back. But now they are officially back into modern day style. If you’re figuring out which style suits you the best, watch the most beloved movies from the 80’s and 90’s. Here are 5 fashion trends from the 80s & 90s that are back:

  • Animal print

This print inspired a lot of celebrities back in the 80s & 90s but fell out of flavor during the last couple of decades. The style, however, has found its way back into the modern day style. You should wear it with minimal accessories to avoid looking over-the-top.


  • Power suits

Power suits are all about exuding confidence and showing everyone who the daddy is? It seems to be celebrities’ favorite, as they are often spotted wearing it even on the red carpet. Team it up with a masculine-style watch or simple bangle, to spot the chick look!


  • Crop tops

Crop tops once showed our favorite Madonna, Britney, and Christina’s abs time to time. They disappeared for a while, but are back now! This style currently rules as one of the hottest trends of summers as well as winters. Stick to high-raised bottoms or trendy layers to pull it off confidently.


  • Denim jackets

Denim jackets are everyone’s favorite. We all own at least one, to throw it over every outfit! You can try it over any outfit, be it a skirt or dress or jeans. This outerwear can range from totally casual to high fashion.


  • Low-cut High-slit gowns

Take the plunge by slipping into low-cut high-slit gowns, back from the 80s & 90s. This attention-grabbing style is extremely hot for the season because of its sexy neckline and eye-catching details. Team it up with a simple bracelet and clutch to complete the look.


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