17 Things To Let Go Of In 2017

Every new year comes with new resolutions. A new year resolution is something that no one can deny having made. It’s fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain. Not all the resolutions that are made are followed. Some of us follow it seriously and some just take it casually.

Working out for a toned and healthy body, being more adventurous and taking studies seriously are some of our favorites in the resolution list. While forming a new year’s resolution we just forgot to consider a few things that are toxic for our well being and hinder our way to stay happy. They need to be considered and we need to detach ourselves from them.

Let us have a look at them:

1. Insecurities

You were doing absolutely fine until you met your old schoolmate, who is now doing better in his career than you. From that time you have started questioning everything that you have accomplished in your life. This is what we call insecurity. Remember in the world with the population of 7.4 billion people, someone will always have it better. So instead of getting insecure from someone else’s success, stay content with what you have accomplished in your life. Taking the high road and not giving up to these self-doubts may also help you foster feelings of fulfillment.

2. Addictions

Addiction can be of anything: Tv, people, cell phones, smoking or drinking. Excess of anything is bad. The best way to overcome any addiction is by trying to keep yourself busy with something of your interest.


 3. A job you hate

If the thought of waking up the next morning and going to the office is enough to turn you off and at work also, your eyes are much glued to your clock then its the high time. Quit the job and search for another one. The reason could be anything like unsupportive co-workers, an inattentive manager, any procedure that is destroying all of your personal time, the workload that is impossible to handle. Whatever the reason is, learn that professional development and confidence compound over time. So now is the high time to quit the job.

4. Overspending

How many times do you go for window shopping but end up returning home with your hands full of shopping bags? Reason being – you just thought you could not get a better deal for that product. It happens with all of us. So avoid overspending on nugatory things.


5. Worrying about things you can’t change

Not everything goes as you planned. No matter how hard you try, some things which are meant to happen will happen anyway. Instead of wasting your time worrying about them, let go of for your inner peace.

6. Overscheduling your life.

Your most important asset is time. But that does not mean you will pile up your work for a single day. Pause and think what matters the most. What can wait and what can not. Accordingly, reschedule everything and give yourself some break too. Take some rest in between your work. It will only help in elevating your capacity to work more. Sometimes, doing less gets you more. Take your time back. Make it yours. It is the best favor you can do for yourself today.

 7. Unhealthy relationships

A relationship is an important part of everyone’s life. The same person that was very supportive and understanding in the beginning can be the reason for your distress. It is never easy to let go of any relationship but when it starts getting toxic for you, you know it’s the time to end it.


8. Fear of the failure

Fear of the failure is the biggest hurdle you have while struggling for success. It prevents you from doing things that can help you to achieve your goals. It makes you lose faith in yourself without even giving it a try. Have faith in yourself and work harder. Nothing can stop you from achieving success in your work if you believe in yourself.

9. Jealousy

Jealousy is a very common yet useless and negative emotion. It originates from the time when you start considering people better than you. You must try to get rid of this emotion as early as possible.

10. Worrying about the past

Worrying about the past is a very futile, negative and time wasting activity. Never let your past affect your present. It is something that is not in your control and you can’t change it now. So why waste time contemplating about it?

 Overscheduling your life. Your most important asset is time. But that doesn't mean you" ll just pile up your work that needs to be done for a single day only.  Pause and think what matters most. What can wait and what can't and accordingly reschedule everything and give yourself some breaks too. Take some rests in between your work. It will only help in elevating your capacity to work more.Sometimes doing less gets you more.Take your time back. Make it yours. It is the best favor you can do for yourself today.

11. The idea of a perfect life

A perfect life is nothing but just an illusion. We always consider that the other person is doing very well in his life. Another person’s accomplishments may be the veil that is covering their near breakdown. You have no idea what is happening with other people. You may be comparing yourself to something that’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

12. Clothes you haven’t worn in over a year.

In this new year rearrange your wardrobe and dispose of the old clothes that you have not worn for over a year. Instead of just throwing them away give them to someone who needs it. This way you will feel good about yourself and end up getting space for some new clothes.


13. Fear of change

Change is the only thing that is constant in life. Everything keeps on changing. People resist change because they are used to their conventional way of doing things and find it difficult to adapt and learn new methods.

14. Underestimating yourself

It is easy to look at your friends and believe that they are capable of doing remarkable things. But seeing your future as a world-renowned guitar player, astronaut, or best-selling author may feel impossible. This happens because you don’t have confidence in yourself that you can also do some amazing things. Stop underestimating and start believing in yourself. If you will not believe in yourself, why would anyone else?

15. A negative body image

Body image refers to how people see their body. A negative body image is when someone thinks about their body in a negative way. It affects your confidence and self-esteem. Accept yourself the way you are. Be confident in your own skin and body. You are unique, beautiful and perfect the way you are.

16. Your ego

Ego is a very negative emotion you have. It can turn you into a selfish and mean person. It is the reason behind many useless fights. Let go of your ego this new year.


17. Anyone and anything that doesn’t make you happy.

Being happy is very important as it helps you to achieve your goals and feel emotionally charged. You don’t need to be a millionaire to be happy. You can’t buy happiness from any market. It comes from within and you have to make efforts to be happy. Get rid of everything and everyone that makes you sad and stay contempt in what you have.

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Let us welcome this new year with new goals, positivity and new us.

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