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12 Signs You’ve Met Your Best Friend Forever

Making friends is not that difficult, it is endless talking and finding each step of the way that you are made for each other. I think some people are destined to be in your life, and here are 12 signs that prove that he/she is your best friend forever.

1) You call or FaceTime them at any hour of the day, and discuss all your details of the day. All the struggles of the day, and why you don’t like that particular person in the class.

2) If you are hungry, you decide a place and they eat food with you wherever you go.

3) Anytime spent without each other is the worst, Especially if the schools are different! I hear you!

4) When you hate the same person, you have found mutual hatred non-questions asked.

5) They will be with you for any sin you commit, the guilty ones too! Like hello, Burger King.

6) Your Share Everything, even your vague bodily updates to each other.

7) They know how to handle your escalating moods and rampant desires. They love you no matter what you throw at them.

8) The most insulting words and abuses are reserved for this special BFF!

9) You laugh the most with them, no matter what all you have been through during the day.

10) You talk literally about anything to them, without the fear of being judged and you know they will understand.

11) No one just understands you better, the sense goes humor the quirk, laughing on the same person. You like 2 peas in a  pod!

12) At the end of the day, this is the person that you laugh and smile the biggest. It is this bond that you share of laughing and creating memories which never tends to fade away.

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