10 Things Christmas Allows You To Do Freely

Christmas is celebrated with as much zest in India as it is celebrated in any other part of the world. This festival celebrates the life, sacrifices and teachings of Jesus Christ. People all around the world get together to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth with their family and friends.

It is the time of the year when you can forget about all your worries and do things that you love. Here we have a compilation of 10 things that Christmas allows you to do freely :

1. Gifting and receiving presents

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? On this pious occasion you not only take presents from others, but also give them something in return.


2. Decorating Christmas tree

Just like any other festival, Christmas is also a colorful festival in India. We celebrate it with colorful lights. Every local store and mall have a Christmas tree, draped in multicolored twinkling fairy lights, paper streamers, and flowers that look stunning in the night.


3. Go Christmas caroling

Celebrating the festival in a traditional manner gives you peace. One of the ways is singing Christmas carols at churches that spreads good cheer in the old fashioned way. You get a chance to go outside and walk around with your caroling friends.


4. Eating loads and loads of cakes and cookies

Christmas sweets are what we love the most. Many families have cookie-baking parties where you can eat as much fruit cakes, rose cookies, plum cakes and puddings, as you love. There is no limit to it. Good thing about it is the rum and wine cakes being legal for all age groups.


5. Wear Santa pants and still be in fashion

Having Santa Claus at a Christmas party is what everyone waits for. But what people love the most are Santa clothes. The comfy and over-sized Santa pants not only feel comfortable, but also look cute.


6. Getting along with your family

Many people occasionally get a chance to spend time with their family. Christmas is one of those special occasions when families get together and eat festive meal on the same table.


7. Wear new clothes

It is the time of the year when you get a chance to go shopping and buy anything you like. No one has the right to set limit on your spending amount. You can spend on anything you love.


8. Partying with friends and family

Christmas in India is celebrated with friends and family. You can party all night at the best clubs or restaurants, listening to your favorite songs and eating cakes.


9. Doing something good for others

While feeding yourself on this festival, you can do something good for others as well. Come up with a good motive, and gift warm clothes and food to poor people and feed animals too. Though, doing good for others the rest of the year is merrier.


10. Enjoying the merry drinking

Christmas meal is often a roast turkey but what people wait for the most, is drinking. On this day, you are allowed to go on a night out with your friends, so you can drink as much as you love. Compliment to it are the cakes made with rum and wine.


Celebrate this Christmas doing things that you love and can’t do at any other time of the year. Merry Christmas!

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